giovedì 24 luglio 2008

the photo booth freak

photo booth freak, sigh! who doesn't?! when you got your own mac book (doesn't have to be yours it could be your Friend's or sibling's) i assure you that you will be a photo booth freak!!
these pictures of mine were taken in my lazy Sunday at my grandparent's home (my lazy Sunday means bunch of fashion mags, DVDs and photo booth).
i hate my teeth..its sooo bunny-y!!
okay, back to the photo booth freak thing.. my friends are also a photo booth freak, every time they got boring or alone, they always play with their photo booth. photo booth is fun! trust me..
it suit with those narcissist people..
sooooo.. do you got addicted to your photo booth??
PS : I'm not apple's salesperson!!

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