sabato 6 settembre 2008

what i really want..

i reeeaaaaly want to bake a cupcake.. but since its a ramadhan here in indonesia and mom wouldnt let me bake something, i have to forget my cupcake creation crave..
i've been blogwalking to many cupcake blogs and found many recipes that im dying to try..
(please, mom?!!?)
especially since dinda gave me recipe book with carrot muffin recipe


wonder if this recipe is the same carrot muffin i ate in milano last year because i love that carrot muffin sooo much (it was my first carrot muffin)..
oooowh, i really really need to try this recipe (no reason)..heehee..

10 minutes later
i decided to make vanilla cupcake with chocolate cheese frosting soon after ramadhan and bring it to my class..
but i have to prisoning my baking desire for now .. sigh!

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