lunedì 29 settembre 2008


when i was in paris and milan.. i kept begging my mom for pair of boots but she totally wouldn't let me have it..

"we're living in jakarta, for god's sake!" she said or... "i dont know when the next time we could have a winter vacation"..

but, can you imagine.. i was in pain at that time, every stylish and cool girls i met all wearing boots from chanel or louboutin to puma, nike and ugg... from fur to fringe.. GOSH!

my best choice is UGG..o yeah i love uggs, until this very moment i still adores those ugg advertisements in teenvogue..
and the closest thing i have to ugg are these boots i bought in a local mal, its a MCKY and pretty cute (not cool!)..


these boots certainly doesnt good for jakarta (the hell with this city!!)


and PS: my legs are disaster!!

i actually would never wear these boots here in jakarta so the only thing these boots could do is...waiting in the box with silica gels until i have enough money for the next winter vacay..

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