lunedì 27 ottobre 2008

super sigh!

i spent 5 rolls of film for nothing..its okay its okay...
i used to-go person at campus man as my object at first, but turn out that his indoor office is a bit of trouble for analogue camera and....my lecturer doesnt allow me to use blitz, BECAUSE.......its a bit digital thing AND........she want a full analogue thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well, now i have to change my object to the parking man.. its outdoor and horrible..
anyway, i love it to be behind the view finder.. its the love of my life so i dont care whether its hot, horrible and outdoor as long as i can take thousand of good pictures..
ps: cos im late when i started doing this assignment, i have to at least collect 10 good pictures this weekend and my 'mata jawa' friend already collected 7 pictures and it means that she 'won'!! (if charlotte york was my friend, she'd said "there's no competition!!")
uuuurgghh.. i hate those competitions...

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