venerdì 21 novembre 2008


im not in the mood for fashion (huff!!) blogging this week cause mom and dad is out of town again and i have to take care of my brothers again too.. and also i just bought my stack of DVDs...!! hooray!! so it means that im gonna be stuck in my bedroom infront of my tv and dvd player all week..
i just finished watch grey's anatomy season 5 and its goooood.. and... denny duquette is back!! as a ghost.. but still im so happy because errr..you know.. i kinda fell in love with him (not with jeffrey dean morgan but with denny duquette!!)..oh whatever! he's back!!!
and this is my favorite scene.. way back in 2nd season, i repeated the scene again and again also cried again and again.. HAH!

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but too bad denny's back when izzie and alex finally together... gosh!! i love love love grey's anatomy!!

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Anonimo ha detto...

hai BB,,,,,,,,,,
bisa baby,bau badan or black berry,pilih aja salah satu,,,,
miss u,,,miss u,,,miss u,,,miss u,,,miss u,,,miss u,,,miss u,,,miss u,,,,miss u,,,,miss u,,,,miss u ,,,,,lotta,,,lotta,,,
lotta,,,,do u,,,,??????????????sigh,,,sigh,,,,miss u makes me crazy,,,,,,,,

pumpkin soup ha detto...

hihi thanks! nice blog by the way.

Bella ha detto...

Oh, that was such an emotional episode... I used to be a faithful viewer of the show but never find time to watch ANYTHING anymore!


yiqin; ha detto...

IS the show that good? Everyone's talking about it!

karl's sweet child ha detto...

#pumpkin soup# thanks!
#bella# oooooh no u should find time for grey's anatomy! should! heheh
#yiqin# grey's anatomy is like my number one show..well, i enjoy drama.

Ula ha detto...

I love "grey's anatomy":)

ClementineSundress ha detto...

love that show....<33