sabato 15 novembre 2008

do i need haircut??

really, i have nothing, nada, zero, zip to do this weekend.. mom and dad is in bali island and they told me to look after my brothers while they're gone.. friends are going to watch screamfest (scary movies festival!) and of coz i cant go with 'em.. sigh!!
i decided to play with my shrek's ears and also try on the outfit for my next outing (when mom and dad already home)..

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rice cracker and the simpsons dvd has been my greatest friends this weekend, whatever!
sooooo, mom called me from bali yesterday and she told me that she met a bunch of indonesia models in airplane who all were using blackberry (those indonesian models according to my mom are actually not really tall, i even taller than them!! they just so skinny thats what make them look tall!) o yeah, now everybody in indonesia got crazy about blackberry (they even give blackberry a nickname, BB!)... i obsessed with blackberry ever since i saw paris hilton usin it way back in 2006 and after that i kept asking my mom for blackberry and as you can guess, she wont let me have it because im not that mobile to have a blackberry.. sigh! but..... now i own a nokia which look almost just like blackberry..

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hahahahha.. and now when blackberry is so happening in indonesia i just lose the appetite for blackberry!! sigh sigh!!

ps: i really really gotten chubbier.. i gained like 7 kilograms!!
and as a bonus.... a wider look of my messy messy room..

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Madame Dior ha detto...

i just purchased a blackberry! =/ the new nokia is soo nice my friend has one to i'm so envious, love this outfit, anything with stripes and high waisted shorts is a winner for me =]

Bella ha detto...

The headband is crazy adorable!