venerdì 7 novembre 2008


okay, i heard this 'hectic' word today from my classmate (she now using a blackberry which is very very very happening in jakarta now!!) and i kinda think that this is the rite word for what i've been thru today..
yessss.. i had to go around jakarta just to find a lab that could process my BW films, there was always something in every place start from when the 'person' was taking rest and then the other place ran out of paper and then more other place has to close their shop tomorrow because there will be a culture festival (hmmm..i kinda want to visit the fest)....
come on.. i have the exam on monday!!! well, but i finally found a lab.. on 8 pm!!
oya, another thing.. i had a stomach problem plus..mom got mad with me about several times (im certainly not her favo child today!)..
sigh 1000X!!

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and this is what i wore on my neck.. pearl neklace and bow headband!!

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i found a super coooool camera bag in an old camera shop (where i finally process the films!)..soo vintage and pretty, it actually fit good with my cell and wallet and only cost me about $4...
but mom didnt let me have it... she said its a wasting money..

ooowh, i miss thrifting ...

5 commenti:

CARRASIMA ha detto...

but,,,u r still the one,,, ilove u more than anyting,,,A,,,Y,,,U,,,,

Petra ha detto...

Those are great jeans!! Love the rinse on them, the denim is gorgeous. I hope your day has improved!

Have a lovely weekend x

Victoria-Olivia ha detto...

The shoes are so sweet, with the ribbon ties. Pretty necklaces too :)

WendyB ha detto...

Cute shoes!

karl's sweet child ha detto...

i looove the shoes too!!!
thanks everyone..