lunedì 17 novembre 2008


still have nothing to do.. i supposed to go to campus today (assignment assignment!!) but feel not so good and beside there's no one except girlfriends in campus (you know what i mean...errrr..by no one i mean is..boys???). so i decided to just stay home, watch dvds and bake cupcake or else! heehee..
and again i played pretending, pretend that i lived in some country with fall season and this is what i wore!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

and with daddy's jacket..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

mom and dad is coming tonight..i think i'll go to campus tomorrow and beg mom to drive me there..ooowh! i miss her!! geez..
another thing.. i joined facebook!! so if any of you also facebook member.. please add me ass your friend (just click the facebook badge on the top of my sidebar!)..

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yiqin; ha detto...

Ah you look great! :)

Kiko ha detto...

thank you, you're cute as well :)

Rosie Posie ha detto...

Thank you for your so very sweet comment!!
You have a lovely blog :) I also had a sneeky peek at you ake blog to which made me ever so hungry!!!

Bella ha detto...

Sweetie, you have the best hair... and I love how you coupled this dress with the tights and jacket!!! You look fantastic!

Marina ha detto...

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Marina (from France)

Marina ha detto...

Thanks for your message. You are now in my blogroll.
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karl's sweet child ha detto...

#yiqin-kiko-rosie posie# THANKS!!
#bella# seriously?? my hair?? lotta lotta lotta thanks!

Alegra ha detto...

cute outfit!