martedì 30 dicembre 2008

last year's new year

i was in amsterdam.. and i terribly missing that city right now.. i was blog walking to danielsgraphiclife.blogspot.com (he's from amsterdam) when i saw his pictures, the amsterdam!!! so these are mine from last year..

and this is me.. 5 hours before new year..

ps: i love you..

2 commenti:

Jack Daniel ha detto...

Oh wow, i didn't knew I could make someone cry. :P

You were kidding riiiight?
Anyways, thanks for mentioning me. :)
Yeah I think you've told me about your situation. I can't remember exactly, but I didn't knew you were staying in Rotterdam. But can you talk Dutch??

Een beetje? Misschien? :)

karl's sweet child ha detto...

oyeah, jack you made me cry.. :-p