sabato 13 dicembre 2008

a year ago!

i dont have something newly to post and now im posting from bistro delifrance because....you know.. the internet at home is suck suck suck! pardon my language!
soooo.. these pictures below are myself a year ago when i was in europe.. still with long hair..
but seriously F/W outfit is probably my most favorite oufit! i looove coat i loove tights i looove gloves!!

and as you all know.. im a big big fan of cute guys and i did some secretly-maniac-snapped there..
this two pictures below are my favo boys!!

ps: twilight movie was okay even good.. but its nothing to compare with the books! fyi, im in love with jacob black, he's just as cute as the one imagined in the books

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yiqin; ha detto...

I think jacob black is pretty awesome! My bf knew at once he is a werewolf!