venerdì 16 gennaio 2009

its all because i live in this poor country

its a final exams season in my house, mean my brothers are going to have their final exams in few months aaaaand dad has decided that he's going to cut the internet connection in my house.. if he didnt do that, brothers would only sticking their eyes to the computer screen all day long and forget to study (thanks god now im in college!!)
so i think, updating this blog would be a bit hard since i have to find good hotspot (uploading pictures need a reeeeally good hotspot!) and bring my suppah biggah laptop and so on.. and also i'll miss blog walking :-(..once i start blogwalking, nobody can stop me and it means 'a free 24 hour hotspot, please!!'
whatever.. i'll leave you cookies i made few days ago here..enjoy!
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ps: manchester united will coming to jakarta in 24th july..so exciteeeeeeedd!!

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GRICIA ha detto...

heii..my bf loves MU,r u goin to watch them??anyway cute cookies..

dapper kid ha detto...

Yikes, good luck without internet, I can never remember what we were like before the internet, we must have been so much more organised lol.

ramona.ny ha detto...

ohhh nooo! id my dad does that to me I would go crazyyyy! or beat my brothers to death and keep them busy studying in the living room! Those cookies are screaming my name, along with a big glass of milk.


Anonimo ha detto...

yeah.. so do my brother!! he won't let his eyes off of the screen :) but we are registered in boarding school.. so, no more kinda stuff like that :) by the way,, kuliah& jurusan apa kak? and thanks for giving me a comment in my post titled : i so love grey's anatomy :)

Sasi ha detto...

Yummy yummy yummy..
Your father's idea isn't that bad, actually..maybe I'd study more if I hadn't Internet..

yiqin; ha detto...

I am so so so addicted to the internet I dontknw what I will do without it!

Anonimo ha detto...

ooo :) . iya nih.. abis suka sebel klo nyari baju ga ada yg muat, terutama sepatu.. setelah keliling2 bandung jakarta, susah bgt buat nyari sepatu cewek ukuran 42 :) selain itu, mo ambil side job jd model, lumayan nambah uang jajan.kalo badan tinggi ga difungsikan kan juga percuma :) hehehe

Mary ha detto...

now i want cookies
and chanel, ahaha.

Indy ha detto...

Awww - you are soo cute! I just found your blog via Alegra and I love it! Your style is super cute meets chic - awesome!

I would love your style advice on my blog

and input or advice would be appreciated!


Bella ha detto...

Awww, you're such a doll!
Adorable pic.