venerdì 24 aprile 2009

lesson from mommy

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Mom teaches me that things will never goes wrong as long you have your sunglasses on, you can dressed as ugly as you could but your sunglasses will always save you. Also remember our favorite socialite girl, holly golightly? Remember how she had her wayfarer on even when she was reading in a library!?

Few days ago I was lazing on my bed, watched local channel and ridiculous show when I saw a local rockstar wore rayban clubmaster and I was like “golly xmen! He wears clubmaster! No way!” does it mean that the club master has finnaly arrived in indonesia? The next day I rushed myself to a sunglasses store where mom uses to buy hers. I checked all sunglasses under rayban section there and found nothing about clubmaster then I asked the shop keeper and she said that “no, clubmaster hasn’t here yet”
I went home with wrinkled forehead!
When I told tonang a.k.a my brother about this whole clubmaster story, he said that probably that local rockstar got his not from Indonesia or the worst, that local rockstar’s clubmaster is fake! (golly! tonang seriously has the meanest mouth!)
I decided to wait patiently just like how I’ll wait for my hot pink doc martens..
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(clubmaster picture from google image)

but this one is mine and has been my greatest friend under the sucky sunny jakarta's sun..
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an empty sashimi plate
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earth day cupcake, notice the tinted blue-y and green-y earth color cake? o yeah too cute!
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Anonimo ha detto...

oh i love the way u capture the pic. nice.

check mine :)

♥ fashion chalet ha detto...

gimme the cupcake :)
to be honest lots of conditioner, drinking water and almost 2 years of growing it out! ;) thanks! xo

Dee ha detto...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Haha and we didn't even actually eat at mcdonald's, my friend just got a hot chocolate but we decided to steal the bibs anyway.

Allison ha detto...

Yummmm about that cupcake! And so fun it was tinted green for Earth Day!
Thanks for your comment sweetheart :)

Dooder City ha detto...

yum yum, i want to have a bite of that cupcake.

Charmaine ha detto...

heehee i <3 my forever21 wannabe clubmasters aka pedophile glasses!!! that's so true that glasses save you!

syd vicious ha detto...

I love those clubmaster sunglasses!

Amelia ha detto...

Sunglasses really do make you look and feel infinitely cooler. I love Raybans and that cupcake.

Cassiopeia ha detto...

hehe. ah! cute cupcake! :-) got to love pink docs too...


The Seeker ha detto...

What a yummy cupcake!!! And great glasses.


Jack Daniel ha detto...

Wow, I wanna have your raybans! And the muffin! :)

Mary ha detto...

Hahha, sunglasses are the new mascara!