mercoledì 15 aprile 2009

my number one person

at this very time..im staring at my half eaten egg sandwich and marc jacobs's street cuddles with his boyfriend picture. i wonder why on earth, men that hot would be a gay? SIGH!
my longtime lover, dicaprio a.k.a my camera is with sheila now, so i dont have new shots whatsoever.. from my old archives below is my mom, the biggest part in my life, my partner in crime and my biggest enemy also..
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going to watch Manchester united vs porto tonight! hope MU makes it to the semifinal!

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8 commenti:

GRICIA ha detto...

could u post marc jacobs pic??well lots of cute guy is a gay..

Rand ha detto...

i really like the last pic!!
and sorry i hate football haha but enjoy the game

Rylie ha detto...

cool blog :)

♥ fashion chalet ha detto...

Thank you, you're always so truly sweet. I can't wait to see what you pic for Summer, any favorite looks? :)


Jack Daniel ha detto...

Wow beautiful pics!!

copperoranges ha detto...

these photos are stunning!

dapper kid ha detto...

Yay for Man U :) And the photographs of your mother look wonderful dear.

Mimi ha detto...

I have so many hot gay friends... They're too pretty and they're all 'gay face' thats what my gay best friend calls it lol