martedì 19 maggio 2009


i should stop shopping for accessories! should should should!
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every time i got upset for being not able to buy a cute shorts, a washed skinny jeans, a so summer-y white dress or asymmetrical top (because most of the time there's no f*cking size for me in this f*cking country!) i always find the nearest accessories shop and go crazy! yesh, that's me! insane!
seriously whatever!


i also should stop buying baking book!
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tonang already asked me to bake Portuguese custard tarts and i will soon bake that!

have i told you that I'm a sucker for LIFE magazines and books? uh huh, i am! and i found a very great deal for LIFE 70 years of extraordinary photography book and its not thrift book! okay, it was published in 2006 but what 3 years could give me if i can have 70 years?
this is my favorite picture so far
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look how happy and pretty they are, it was two months before their wedding and oh, after seeing thing picture i cant stand seeing the assassination pictures! its killing!
I'll post more pictures from the book soon.


16Th may or last Saturday was dad's birthday and i didn't give him any present, he gave me one! oh yeah, camera swap with my dad's but this time is permanent.
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oh yes now I'm using Nikon d300! and i named it jackman, yes, after the muscularly too sexy mr. hugh jackman and yes, the name jackman alone is a sexy word.


i copied daniel's way of taking mini instax shot and voila!
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this's a great cute hot picture!
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from kickette.com
cant find my husband's picture but there are seriously funny videos of him..omg i love anderson too much! am i weird? am i? am i?

ps: many 'yes' words in this post :p
pps: im dying because of jealousy! am JEALOUS!!
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16 commenti:

elena-lu ha detto...

oh buying accessories is a cheap way to feel like "oh look i got something new i can change up my outfit" without spending too much money so i say go ahead buy something new!:)

Who are you Weesha? ha detto...

oooh that ring and the second necklace- beautiful!!

The Seeker ha detto...

Great accessories, dear and I agree with elena-lu, it's a cheap way to have something new.

And congrats on your new camera, get fun with it.


GRICIA ha detto...

are u sure?coz i just saw u at F21 yesterday..hv no guts to called u..coz u're in a group and i'm alone.hahaha.

Robin ha detto...

I LOVE that ring.


Jack Daniel ha detto...

haha, thanks for mentioning me. :)
maybe I should get myself an instax they look so beautiful!
And I love the black/white picture too!

pigtails and blushing cheeks ha detto...

great accessory shopping there :) consumerism will stimulate the economy! so it's all good!

GRICIA ha detto...

alrite dear..next time i'll poke ur shoulder if we meet again..haha..did u buy things yest?

HoneyBunny ha detto...

That ring is really beautiful!

And I love cooking books as well.although I don;t really have to many of them and I don;t cook to much;D I love watching them;D

Ohh..and lucky you with that camera! Wish I've received such a gift;D

daniB ha detto...

lady, you are too sweet(:
thank you for such a sweet comment!

i absolutely enjoy your photos!
you are an amazing photographer.


Bella ha detto...

OOh I love the ring! xxx

sleepyheaded nindya ha detto...

kak. kalo mo tag itu. gpp kok. silahkan. aku tunggu yaa.. jawabannya :D :D :D

dapper kid ha detto...

Looove that second necklace :) And I do love all the LIFE photographs, I am always browsing their stuff online for inspiration. And wow, so jealous of your D300!!!

daniB ha detto...

thank you for such a sweet comment!
i very much enjoy reading your posts and hearing what you have to say(:

and about the accessories...i'm the same way(:
it's not a bad thing haha


Mimi ha detto...

Love love the ying yang necklace

Loraine ha detto...

wait, wait, wait.

Selena is going out with Taylor!?

NO! oh my God.