giovedì 28 maggio 2009

roma finale

this week has involved many of my most most favorite city in the whole world, rome..
i watched angels and demons on monday aaaaand kept poking mom's arm for no reason, i just miss that city..
aaaand also last night's champions league final is in rome, titled roma finale 2009, i cannot stop saying that 'roma finale' words with italian accent, you know.. italian accent is the sexiest accent.. tho' MU lost and it breaks my heart and im still mourning but seeing the ads (yes, not the game..the game filled with hot men and world class football skills, nothing about rome!)..
the roma finale (dont forget, with italian accent!) ads made me smiles.. made me browse my old photo archives :(
here's few pictures of rome thingies i captured on december 2007.
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
and a seriously hot guy, he was sketching the colosseum
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okay then, i have to get back to my cookies and cream mini cuppies..i have 12 mini cuppies in the oven and 24 others waiting for the frosting.. ciao!
updated 30 minutes later
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
the cookies and cream mini cuppies!

ps: my blog now have a bigger pictures to satisfy your eyes (well,maybe...) i like it much better!

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Indy ha detto...

ooo - pretty pictures!

sleepyheaded nindya ha detto...

yummy cakes!!! ummm want some..

dapper kid ha detto...

What beautiful photographs, I so need to visit Rome one day! And yum, the cakes look soooo good.

elena-lu ha detto...

my goodness those photos are GEORGEOUS!!! seriously!
ok now you're making me want to go!

italian fashion holiday. ha detto...

oh, these photos make me long to travel to rome once again! it's so historical, beautiful, yet dirty. i love it so! i, too saw angels and demons..and my friends must've been annoyed with me, for i kept saying "ah, i've been there!" or "that place is so beautiful in person!"

thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!!

may we please exchange links?

GRICIA ha detto...


lilylove ha detto...

You bake too? Wowwww :)
Isn't italy the best? Rome is pretty but Venice is awesome too

vorega badalamenti ha detto...

really want to go to ROME!!!!
its gonna be great!!
and u post beautiful pictures.. love it =p

The Seeker ha detto...

Oh I love Rome!!!!!
What beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!
And now I want a cupcake.....

Hope you're having a nice weekend


Emz ha detto...

I am determined to visit Rome one day. And omgosh. I'm drooling.

syd vicious ha detto...

those are beautiful pics!

kayleigh ha detto...

the picture of that "hot boy" is so beautiful =)

CCChaneey. ha detto...

-your photos are beautiful!
thanks for commenting on my blog:)