giovedì 11 giugno 2009

mom and annoying ones went to singapore

and these are what i got..
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*cant wait to bake something using those super cute silicone mini cupcake liners!!!*

sooooo.. i went to bandung today.
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just got home, ate a yucky cheapo a*s kebab, tonang opened his super-cool-limited-edition-fifa world cup 2006-laptop, shouted the bad news..
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*image from dirty tackle*

Ronaldo is leaving MU!!!!, then tonang said "not really a bad news though..", i took the only mini snickers left from snack cabinet, placed it on my laptop, went to kitchen to have a water, back to my laptop and........the only mini snickers left is gooooone! tonang ate it! so i said "if only it wasn't because ronaldo is leaving MU i would strangle your neck and beat you!"
i cant find snickers nor mars bar in jakarta these days.. :(
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i want theeeeese!
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8 commenti:

Who are you Weesha? ha detto...

Oooh I like that car, and the rings- damn cute! I wish u were in Dubai, with all the baking u do, I would be your bestfriend hehe :P

Isabel ha detto...

Hahaha, "ass kebab" - you are hilarious!

yiqin; ha detto...

OMG the last one is rad.

Bere Tarde o temprano ha detto...

your picts rock!!! i really like them :) i will be visiting your blog often! and my english sucks too! lol.

aaaaah i want to go so bad to Singapore!! just it is a little bit far away, I live in Mexico City :(

dapper kid ha detto...

Yay for instax film! And you so need to get cooking now. Loving your photos dear. I haven't eaten a snickers in forever, I so need to get down to the newsagents for a bar.

Silje ha detto...

Thanks for comment dear!=)
You just have to bake some delicious cupcakes! And then post pictures of it!=D=D

the Big Ugly ha detto...

My birthday is Saturday. Bake me something tasty!

lilylove ha detto...

Mars bars? They don't have it anymore here in Indonesia. So sad :(