martedì 14 luglio 2009

snowlane brownies


psssstt.. i did baking, heehee..
only a simple brownies but pretty enough for my baking craving :)
this is a brownies recipe from an indonesian baker so in my thought "mom could eat this brownies" since this brownies used vegetable oil not butter.
WRONG! the brownies were nice but not so good, maybe it depends on the cocoa? i ran out of my high-quality dutch processed cocoa and had to use regular-supermarket cocoa, which isnt good..
i forgot the vanilla extract too, duhh!!
i'll give the recipe second kick though..


and all you need for making this brownies are..

*chocolate chips, these are the best chocolate chips i could find in jakarta by the way*
*vegetable oil*

mix them all together for a fudgy and moist brownies..

*heading for oven*
*cooling from oven*

after an hour of cooling.. and sugar dusting..


soooo christmas-y, eh? how about giving them a touch of red and green? just like christmas..


a bit italian flag...

click here to see how i took these shots

10 commenti:

Indy ha detto...

Those look straight out of a cookbook! Yummy!

Hollyrocks ha detto...

Those look yummy! I'm hungry for something sweet now.

Amelia ha detto...

Those look so good! I'm super-envious of your lighting set-up :)

CookiePie ha detto...

Sorry the brownies didn't come out how you wanted -- they sure do look good!!

Shaqirah Shah ha detto...

the last picture of the red n green put a smile on my face.
:) anyways im goin jakarta n bandung soon! yay cant waittt :)

A little Princess ha detto...

Ooh! I'm feeling hungry now! Those look so so so yummy! xoxo

yiqin; ha detto...

They look SO good! Damn, you're making me so hungry!

Petite Esthète ha detto...

oh my god those look so so good!
i wish i could bake, whenever i try it always turns out horrible haha :)


Vina Sagita ha detto...

looks yummy!! :9

♥Sisterhood♣ ha detto...

the browinies picture so amazing
i love it!