mercoledì 14 ottobre 2009

what is that? hell! hurt my eyes!


i think the title exlains all :D

7 commenti:

Moya2bean ha detto...

i love the art in this. Im a big artsy girl myself. But i have artist block right now! lol! Im glad ur back with blogging, i was missing ur updates :)

Jack Daniel ha detto...

Woah, what a cool creation. I see a Michael Jackson portrait. Haha.

Adela ha detto...

i love the cupcake! =)


maverickandlove ha detto...

wow these are amazing, ive never seen art done in this way- which is great! really inspirational!

lavienouveau ha detto...

are these all your paintings? I looove your style, so fun!

Fitri ha detto...

stunning pictures !<3

Aina ha detto...

point out to -> blur member picture. look the other member with glasses at those cover. mirip siapa hayo? muwahahaha