martedì 5 agosto 2008

if only i was kate moss's daughter

sigh sigh sigh!
what-a-life for lila grace a.k.a kate moss's daughter...she's so lucky to have her mother as her mother. lila grace, kate moss, grandma linda and my all time desire marc jacobs with his boyfriend (no no, not his husband! cuz there's no sign of it!)
they were spotted enjoying beach-fun on the Spanish island of Formentera this weekend.
i guess..her mom gave lila grace the camera and asked her nicely to took the pic or....it could be lila grace with her new hello kitty camera...
whatever whatever whatever!!
gosh.. you look so cute with scruffy cheeks, marc.... and you look good too lorenzo..(i think you are better than marc's former young gay-friend)
marc! how come a guy like you sleeps with guy like lorenzo...uuurgh!

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Danz ha detto...

Lila Grace must have an exciting life indeed with both positive and negative experiences I guess. Hopefully she takes only the best from it.

It amazes me how much Marc's look has changed from a few years ago. He looks really good here.

Thanks for the blog link...I'll add yours too!

Anonimo ha detto...

u can't honestly belive that her kid is gonna grow up happy wih kate moss ash her mom -.-'