venerdì 5 settembre 2008

boys are sooo bitch

yeah, i think boys are like bitch, okay not..but they certainly are the biggest liar (we call it here in indonesia 'munafik')..
they says that they love a good-healthy-non smoker girl, but factly..they dates a skinny smoky girl who get drunks every night and partying too hard..

the thing is.. this semester just started and that means i have to face those skinny-smoky girl in my campus, well..what to say?? im jealous of 'em probably??
yeah yeah yeah.. im a fvckin big ass girl..
i met my happy sunday yesterday and he looked sooo dang better errr..so dang good to be honest! but he (like always) got busy with his cell, calling his gf maybe?? fvckin gf!!!
ooooowh, campus life means jeans and tshirt jeans and tshirt everyday.. so, bubbye short pants.. c ya every saturday and sunday...

ps: i have new addition to my family, its a baby rabbit, he is black and sooo small..named coco..(so after i cannot have a black french bulldog with red collar named coco jacobs..i decided to give the 'coco' to this rabbit even tho he's a male..sigh!)


moi with coco

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