sabato 6 settembre 2008

no mature thing from my family

reviewing my birthday present from my family..


huh..all are a 10 years old girl's present..(okay except the graduation novelty my mom gave me which is a bit early!).. the scrapbook, the jewellery box with a cute bee on top of it and hommer simpson large doll..
mommy, im 20! i think i want a christian louboutin heels next year..

and now lets take a look at some gifts from my friends..



the great big cookie book is from dinda and the card recipe is from donna and erin gave me two copics (she did choose the right thing because i really need copic for my subjects in college)..
also sheila gave me i heart singapore tshirt plus jibbits (you know me really well, shei..)
sooo..thats it..

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