domenica 14 settembre 2008

what i did yesterday..

here i am, 4 am in the morning, posting about what i did yesterday and graving about manchester united's lost..
ahh, whatever (tears)..

okay, so yesterday was just about out and about..i went to 'my cupcake' which is like the first and only one cupcakery in my town..sad, huh?!


oh yeah, and the hot dog...
my favorite flavors are blueberry and orange frosting, 'my cupcake' only serves basic vanilla cupcake and chocolate cupcake with few choices of frosting. yeah yeah, no such unique flavor lyke choco chip cookie dough, red velvet, peanut butter jelly or something with surprise inside of the cupcake..well, they do serve cookies and cream but its taste average..


oooowh look! biggie plaid shirt with light white tee..

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yiqin; ha detto...

You are so adorable! :) I love your shoes!!