martedì 9 settembre 2008

wrooong educated me!

my mom picked me up from campus and then as usual we used that opportunity (quality time between mom and me, i mean..) to go around..
first we went to pasar baru (its like a vintage heaven!) and i bought an analog nikon camera from 70's for my social documentary lecture


luuurve it! now i could act like a vintage photographer with red lips and red nails..hihihi!
and after got horribly thirsty and sweating.. we went to pacific place cos my mom need to find something for her "carassima"..
(i always loves to visit baby shops like mothercare etc!!)
mommy bought her needs in one store named...mmmm..forgot! heehee..
but but but.. she kindly bought me something from toysmiths's bella bistro



ooowh mooomm..after the surprise party etc etc and the loves you gives me for all this time..you still gave your absolutely-not-so-little-anymore girl this kind of toys???
okay okay, i could actually use it for my baking craze and its not just a toy..
i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you!!!!
and after kissing my mommy thousand times (hihihi) we watched (the?) mirrors at blitzmegaplex.. it was a good movie with kiefer sutherland staring in it so even tho it was a horror movie, it still got the touch of action ala sutherland..
there was only the two of us in the auditorium..quiet spooky actually!

another ps: tho i fully blessed..i still wants another thing.. can i mom??or dad??


can i????? its Canon CanoScan 8800F Color Film/Negative/Photo Scanner and i think i need that... oya, and also another few things from toysmith's bella bistro (they are sooo adorable!) and and also....i need new denim???

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janti ha detto...

baby,,,,itu cuma barang,,,,
tapi cinta,dukungan n so on n so on,,,
yang udh baby kasih ke mama,,,,
itu lebih dari semua itu,,,,
will u always to be my little girl,,,????
all the time,,,,,