giovedì 30 ottobre 2008

previous post's part II

yeah, this kinda like previous post's part II.. even before what my mom said in previous post, i've been thinking about what im going to do after college and i've decided to go to milan and get into istituto marangoni the most famous fashion school in italy, the institute has been the ‘launch platform’ for a series of world renowned names such as Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana, franco moschino and so many other names... okay that's what makes me live safely through this interior disaster.. the picture of me live and study in milan..

but okay... you know that i've abandoning my lectures for this past few weeks (and trust me, i've failed few of 'em!!) and it makes me thing about whats going to happen... will i ever make it??

the istituto marangoni i mean.. other problem.. the institute is way too expensive!!
so my second choice is istituto di moda burgo, its cheaper than istituto marangoni but less famous of course..
oooowh..i dont know what to do.. i shouldnt think of choices of my next school before i fix this lazyness!!

im a donkey donkey donkey who always worry bout future without doin anything..

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