giovedì 30 ottobre 2008

we said goodbye

while in a car.. me and mom was talking about her and her brother's past, how she loved to socialize and she ended with a hundreds of friends or how her brother loved to study and now he has a PhD from a university in England..... and then im talking about me.. i dont like to study and im not a social person.. how im going to end up????
and mom said........ a good housewife????
NOOOO!!! hell!! i dont want to be a good housewife, i want to be a career woman and i dont even think that marriage and kids are that good!! like everyone is talking about... geez!!

the thing is... im abandoning my lecture again for the zillion times... heehee..i even not so sure about my future... i dont know what to do..
che sera sera..

ps: i dont want to be an undomestic goddes!!

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