venerdì 2 gennaio 2009

and i'll never know

its new year and i have to back to my nutritionist after months of escape (actually, im going to meet a new one, not my old nutritionist).. so please pray for me.. because its gonna be hard hard time!
i actually have much and much of things to do in 2009 and as always, im renewing my lists every new year..
but before i go there.. here are my pictures from 1st january, do not hope to see a partay-cool-and-glam pictures whatsoever because i spent the new year with sleeping.. yeah, i slept at 10 o'clock! what a lame!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

and of course i still making cupcake arts but this time i made them colorful..Image Hosted by ImageShack.usmonster cupcakeImage Hosted by ImageShack.usgrossiest cupcake everImage Hosted by ImageShack.usmy cutest

talking about my list... okay first is my fu**able list, this could be a long long long list with no end and no one end up with me but number one on my list is nemanja vidic (last year was adrian grenier)..oyeah, i got sooo horny everytime i see him play (but dont worry, anderson is still my future husband! (if you are not a football addict you must not know about them, so click here for more information about them)
and in my goals list iiiiss.. got skinny!! okay not skinny but at least slim.. and of course other than that is find out about my happy sunday.. ahhh whatever whatever..
but on top of all is to loving myself as who i am.. so what if im not skinny? so what if im not smart? so what if im more mature than my mom? so what if i loved baking? so what if im not pretty? so what if i prefer movie than music? so what if im an introvert person? so what if have a bad personality (ouukay, not this one) the truth is.. i never love even like myself.. NEVER!! so thats the most important thing to do in 2009..to love myself..
also i have to become a worryless-positive thinking person.. because really, i worried too much..

okay, more picture from my new year day..Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

ps: oooowh, this is sooo embarassing but also it makes me happy.. i blogged about lex niarchos and ella harris months ago (okay, the post was a bit weird even there was an annonymous comment said that im weird just like the post, whatever!) aaaaaand you know what, ella harris and lex niarchos added my facebook account as a friend..hihihihi!
i browsed more about them and really.. i fall in love with them, those london kids are soooo awesome.. they dont have to do much to looks cool..its like the coolness is in their blood!

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GRICIA ha detto...

hi..hopefully u'll get more shape after u meet d nutritionist..i know its really hard to stop eating wat we like freely..rite now,i couldnt eat seafood and eggs (anythin contain it) bcoz of some allergic stuff..btw nice haircut!where did u get it??i'm planning to hv a short hair cut too..but dunno do i hv d guts.wow d comment is getting longer.hehe.ciao!

yiqin; ha detto...

The cupcake art is SO ADORABLE! I love cupcakes too!!! Love the outfit too ;)

pastelpeach ha detto...

Thank you! Your cupcakes are so cute. And I have to agree not at all hard on the eyes. I was watching The Devil Wears Prada with my boyfriend and his sister last night and we (the sister and I) could not stop swooning over him.

--Hope everything is well and you fulfill your resolutions. :)

Nadine ha detto...

I love your cupcakes! So cute... nice blog btw.! And you hair is awesome, too!

the.ramonas ha detto...

the title of your blog is hilarious!we love it! we added you to our blog list! hope you do same! happy ny and see you around this upcoming period of time! :)


THE HOUSE OF STYLE ha detto...

hi dear! thanks for your lovely comment dear. good luck as you see the nutrionist!also love the cupcake art,how sweet!

avputries ha detto...

hi! nice of you to link my blog,i linked you back! thanks for the comment btw, are you indonesian too?

turbopenguin ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Fashion Addict ha detto...

Oh honey! You're not lame for sleeping at 10... I didn't even stay up that late. Some of my friends did though - till 5 am! Amazing. I hope you do well with your new nutritionist!

giggleness ha detto...

i love your shoes!
ahaha and the cupcakes are adorable.

LoveMore ha detto...

all the best for the new year...your cupcakes are way cute. xxxx LM

Cate ha detto...

I'm wishing you luck that your nutritionist will help you!
I didn't go partying on NYE either! I stayed home with my family and just went on the street to watch the fireworks. And I went to bed at 1 am.
I think loving yourself as you are is a great goal indeed. And I think you ARE smart! And pretty. And that you love baking is a good thing! Also, that you're mature. People keep telling me that I'm childish, which isn't such a great compliment.
I love both movies and music, but I know a lot of people who like movies better!

Bella ha detto...

You look so adorable, as always. And I love the drawings... LOVE them!

karl's sweet child ha detto...

thanks for all your comments girls!

bella: you said im adoreable? and you..are so gorgeous..

karl's sweet child ha detto...

pastel peach: adrian grenier is so hot! have you watch entourage? cuz its a hell of great series..