martedì 6 gennaio 2009

and another one bite the dusts

what i've been doing lately?? thinking and thinking about my assignments and also the exams but do nothing.. thinking and thinking about anderson and how i love him (i think im going crazy!).. but that's it!!
also.. i watched australia and fall in love with that movie (i sooo got hugh jackman'd!)..

a bit personal story - there's this guy and we went to the same primary school, junior high, high school and now we're in the same university even the same faculty.. what a coincidence, huh?! i didnt know him well before the university, i always thought that he's a cool guy who doesnt communicate well with girls..but i changed my mind when i got to know him well this past few months, he's such a funny guy and a bit childish..i think i like him but the problem is he's never been involve in a relationship for his whole life (i even think that he doesnt know how to get involve in a relationship) sooooo.. i thought i'll make a move and asked him out for movie (via messenger)

me: have you watch bedtime stories?
childish guy: no..is it good? what's the story about?
me: havent watch it yet.. adam sandler is in the movie so it must be a funny one
me: wanna go with me to the movie?
childish guy: okay, great idea..
me: yeah (HAPPY FACE!)
childish guy: just tell our friends (YEAH, HIS FRIENDS ARE MY FRIENDS!)
me: huh? which friends....?
childish boy: hmmmm..high school ones?
me: ...........

okay, i replied with a "okay, just tell them.." but honestly..no way on the earth i would do that.. geez!
after that i put on a new status in messenger id, its "i asked 'you' out not them"..oyeah, i was so f**cking BLEH!

just minutes ago.. he buzzed me in messenger..

childish guy: what do you mean in your status?
me: huh?? what..??
childish guy: your messenger status
me: whats wrong with my status?
after pretty long minutes..
childish guy: oh, maybe im wrong..
me: :-/
and then minutes later
me: how about if the 'you' is you? :-p
childish guy: so thats why..im asking you? whats the meaning of your status..
me: oh just forget it.. its not that important..
childish guy: ?????????
me: hehehe..

thats it.. what should i do?????????? should i tell him? or no? i chickened out!!
gosh, i just wish he doesnt know about this blog..

by the way.. this is my outfit pictures..
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usthe bow was actually my brother's tie..hihihi..

and i wanna show you my favorite book.. i could go through this book over and over again and keep smiling when i see the pages, you should get this book and give it to your loved one..
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us and this one below is my favorite page Image Hosted by ImageShack.us how cute is that??????

and also there's a page with pinked photography and captioned "this is how i see my world when im with you"
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


18 commenti:

GRICIA ha detto...

ha3..u get busted!!why do u lie to him??err..did he noe bout diz blog?so d result is are u still goin wit him?o yea i already watch it,i think its quite good.but its not adam's best muvie..i'm planning to watch yes man dis weekend..jim carrey is also a genious rite??!

Dooder City ha detto...

cute pictures?

issa ha detto...

love the plaid!

The Seeker ha detto...

Oh I wnat to whatch Australia too....

Thank you for being in my blog and left such nice note.

You've a cool blog here, keep in touch if you feel like it.


karl's sweet child ha detto...

gricia: i dont know if he knew about this blog and also, i dont know if i still going out with him cuz like i said, i wanna watch the movie with him not our friends!! duhh!! he's such a childish-moron-silly-mindless-boy..ooops! hehehe

the seeker: thanks and i'd love to keep in touch!

Harlow ha detto...

Awesome blog :)
Thank you for commenting mine!
That guy seems really silly...but I hope things work out and you end up seeing the movie together, not just with all of your other friends too.

cute bow!


cute pics :)
wow, boys... Clueless as always eh?

the.ramonas ha detto...

another one bites the dust? we are totally in love with your titles. oh... and that emerald green bow too! thanks for your lovely comment one more time. ps don't forget to check our latest post and vote for the band! se you around!


Blood Roses ha detto...

cute bow! thanks for your lovely comment :)

lopi ha detto...

The bow is too cute! And that plaid skirt is very mice, you should try it with a graphic t-shirt too!
Thanks for your lovely comments, I'm so glad to hear that someone from so far far away is interested in Greece and greek design. How is your project going? When do you have to present it? Do you need any help?

Ariella ha detto...

The bow (tie) is really cute, and so is the outfit!

yiqin; ha detto...


TEXTSTYLES ha detto...

your blog rocks!
wanna link?

happy 09!


karl's sweet child ha detto...

thank you all for the comments!!


olga d ha detto...

hahaha sweet outfit. the lack of eye creeped me out at first though! hahaha

chocandcinnamon ha detto...

I also want a Polaroid, so bad they don't make them anymore :(
Cte pics :D

Margarete ha detto...

Oh the skirt is cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! :-) And the guy is... strange. Very very strange....

Anonimo ha detto...

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