mercoledì 18 febbraio 2009

Boring post, so boring you wouldn't even bother to read it

hi, back to blogging..errr actually I'm blogging from my blackberry now, on my bed and under my comfy comfy comfy blanket..
Unfortunately, i can't post picture with mobile blogging.. Duhh! I have lot of pictures to post actually..
I also have my very first vlog to post, its a 10 minutes video and I could trully understand if once I posted it you won't watch it.. But you should watch the first few minutes actually, so you can mocking on my sucky sucky sucky english and watch me talking.. Ahhh just wait 'till I have the chance to post it.

So lately all I'm doing is just watch tv and bakes.. Oyeah sister now I could make a veeeeery good NY cheesecake all from scratch! (So proud!)..

One of my favorite girls, claire from faboo tagged me.. Yeah my very first tag! But I haven't got the chance to post it.. So sorry claire but I'll post it ASAP!

Sooo that's it.. I sooo miss blogwalking! Seriously!!

3 commenti:

GRICIA ha detto...

hii..quite a long time since ur last post..anyway stop saying dat ur english was suck!!its good,even much better than mine =P

Indy ha detto...

Great to hear from you again, even if your post is devoid of your usual cute pictures.

Congrats on your first blog award! You definitely deserve it, dear.

Oh god, now I really want cheesecake!


Amelia ha detto...

Can't wait to see all the pictures :)