giovedì 19 febbraio 2009

im a swimmer..a tough one..

yeah, im a tough swimmer, though i dont like sport (does watching football and footballers count?) and never work out but watersport is a different thing, you could leave me alone in a beach and i'll be thankful, you could throw me to the ocean and i'll survive.. never went to any swim practice whatsoever and nobody taught me..i think its just in my blood..
okay, so why does i blah-ing about that? bleh..
went to my elementary school pre-reunion and met bunch of old friends (obviously!)..
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us and no picture of me because i think its photographer's destiny to be always behind the viewfinder (okay, actually there're few pictures of me but those just bad..i dont like it!) and you know what, i only wore shorts and loose sweater so no need to show you the outfit..

days later..
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us oh my favorite outfit of the month.. of course i didnt bring the guitar or the bass out, i just used it as photoshoot equipment and those music instrument were provided by my baby brother, the rocker of my family..
oya, i have a new obsession.. to be a rockstar's girlfriend.. isnt it so cool?? rockstar's girl.. imagine nancy spungen or even kate moss when she was with pete doherty.. but still..my favorite is nancy..

black and white section..
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us i was in the mood for black and white mode that day..

the next day..
that denim jacket is my best friend for these past few days..im with that jacket now!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

a rockstar's girl who bakes.. is there any cooler thing out there?? NO.. rockstar's girl who bakes is the coolest thing.. for sure!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us red velvet sandwich cookies for valentine (hapy valentine y'all!) i told you about my vlog in the previous post, the video was about me making and baking these cookies but i dont really know why.. i cant upload the video to youtube.. what a shame!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us plain Ny cheesecake
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us chocolate covered cheesecake..
oooh gosh, love me love me.. i made a too good cheesecake!

hey, i got tagged by one of my favorite girl, claire from faboo
she said my blog is fabulous..hahaha.. thank you, claire..
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
the rule said that i have to tag 10 another fabulous blogs but i kinda in rush now and mom is waiting in valet parking booth..GOSH! i really really have to shut down my laptop now.. so sorry... sorry.. i'll do the rule in my next post..
but for the first in my list is this fab blog..http://momostyllables.blogspot.com/

see you soon, lovers!

17 commenti:

GRICIA ha detto...

i love ur black n white pic!especially when u're "playing" wit those guitars..finally u put lots of news after diz couple days.hahaha

avputries ha detto...

thankyou so mucho! :D :D :D and you are always fab

Indy ha detto...

I love how you did those two plaids together! That is an awesome jean jacket too! Those cookies look delish!


sleepyheaded nindya ha detto...

cute!! btw, iya nih.. takut jd penyesalan seumur hidup.. ahahhaa )

yiqin; ha detto...

The denim jacket is so perfect! I love your psots! They are so fun to read

crazy lil outspoken girl ha detto...

oh karl...we have the same obsession!
i wanna be a rockstar's girlfriend too!!lol

selly octavia ha detto...

yummy cakes.. i love those photos.. especially the when you paly the bass... did you make those cakes on your own?

Dooder City ha detto...

You have a great blog.
Great outfits.

Penny ha detto...

love the guitar photo!!! and those cakes look delicious!!

i have always been an okay swimmer, but i recently enrolled on a scuba diving course.. but i'm not sure why because i am terrified of the sea!!

Kitty ha detto...

Thanks :)

i LOVE your hair!
and cake for breakfast..
well 'tis good..

karl's sweet child ha detto...

Thanks for all your comments, girls!

Selly octavia: yeah I made them all by myself.. I just crazy about baking!

The Seeker ha detto...

Love that first b+w picture!!!
Really creative and nice.
Interesting the combo of the two plaids... it worked very well.

All pictures are nice and cute.

Have a great weekend


Winnie ha detto...

Love the denim jacket, I have been wearing mine a lot lately too!

Ediot ha detto...

thanks for your comment sweetie! i love your outfits. and i so want to have a guitar that works now.. but i do however have an ukelele- which is fun as well.
have a great weekenD
btw. the tshirt is from my shop-

Jen (MahaloFashion) ha detto...

Very cool mix of plaid.

Bella ha detto...

Ohmygod, you with a guitar... babe that's so damn cool!

Spaceship Commander ha detto...

hey! i now have a new blog, about my life in turin, http://spaceshipcommander.blogspot.com
all in english! amazing th eblack-white photo! so vivid and liveful!