domenica 22 febbraio 2009

owh shoot! i forgot to give this post a title!

I miss things, I miss having a relationship I miss kisses I miss hugs.. I miss guys!
So how about if your best male friend (your almost to be fu*ck buddy) told the future beau guy that you have a crush on him (the future beau guy)..
And the future beau guy just smiled, blushed and told your best male friend "don't tell her that I've know this, okay!"
But since that.. We stop talks on messenger he never BUZZ me again and..errr I'm a shallow girl, I'd never BUZZ him if he didn't BUZZ me first! Screw you guys!
I don't know what went wrong with my best male friend? Why did he tell my secret to the object of the secret?!? Fu*k you G!
Unfortunately, the future beau guy or also known as too-childish-guy is a very very very good catch! So what could I do to fix this?

A note for my too-childish-guy : don't you know that I'm quite a catch?
Uuuurgh! I wish this world was just as simple as those chick-lits..