venerdì 19 giugno 2009

how about?

how about doing a bizarre thing?
how about stepping out from the 'good' line?
how about kissing a total inappropriate stranger?
how about keep posting pictures from old archives?

have you ever?

i have.. i had a guy, we had a non-official date, i was late and he was waiting for me in the middle of a noisy and crowded oh-so-saturday-typical food court with a glass of lemon tea, he was biting his nail, smiling and waving for me when i walked toward him. all i could say is "sorry, its jakarta..well, you know.."
he talked and talked and laughed for the next three hours and me? i worked hard to keep my mouth from saying "I LOVE YOU! LEAVE YOUR FUC*ING GIRLFRIEND..!"

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6 commenti:

Who are you Weesha? ha detto...

hmm what's he doing on a an unofficial date with you when he has a gf? hate to be a wet blanket but be careful, men can be total jerks sometimes :)

Indy ha detto...

I always love your pictures! I wish I had an eye like you!

Adam ha detto...

Haha that's awesome. I have of course stepped past the good line, but the others, I kinda tread carefully. I gotta work on that time machine first...

daniB ha detto...

first off, love the photos! i love taking photos of lights and buildings(:

second, i loved reading your story!

third, i can't believe he has a GF! is he a friend of yours that you've liked for a while?


elena-lu ha detto...

awesome thats some wicked skills with the camera!! love it!

Shaqirah Shah ha detto...

i really love ur blog. i love photography n baking too. i love baking chocolate cake n red velvet cupcakes. :')
i love ur blog. its so the sex!