domenica 7 giugno 2009

neapolitan mini cuppies, my version

it was a lazy Saturday morning when i thought about chocolate-covered hi-hat cupcakes, "i want to make it!", so i got up from my too comfort bed and went to the kitch. "okay, what frosting?" that was what i think while I'm standing in front of my refrigerator and my eyes patrolled in it. i only needed a minute of frosting clueless until my eyes laid on a bowl of waiting-to-be-rotten strawberries. "ah-ha! strawberry frosting, good, it'll make a chocolate-covered strawberry alike!!" i literally screamed in my head.
then what cake? chocolate cake? naah! too much chocolate wont do any good. vanilla cake? ordinary vanilla cake? booooriiing (i could hear homer saying that out loud) strawberry cake? so it would match the frosting? noooo, I've made that strawberry cake but it ended up bad, okay it tasted good, but was too dense and wet?! NO! "oh please, this is why i bought those baking books in the first place, to find ideas!" i got furious.
so i went to my bookshelf, browse and find a recipe called 'white mud cake' or white chocolate cake! purrfect!!
vanilla, strawberry and chocolate!! NEAPOLITAN ice cream!

so here's the step-by-step pictures of my version of Neapolitan cupcakes, enjoy!
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*the cake ingredients*
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*melt together the white chocolate chips, butter, milk and sugar. stir until smooth*
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*add egg and vanilla extract*
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*gradually add the flour*
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*very goooood batter, do you like batter? I DO!*
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*before oven*
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*in the oven, perfectly dome shaped mini cuppies, good sign perhaps?*
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*after oven and cooling*
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*frosting ingredients*
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*i loooooove strawberry, well, who doesn't?!*
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*add the strawberries to plain vanilla buttercream.....*
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*and voila! a very yummy and fluffy strawberry frosting, am i good or what?!*
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*perfectly cooled and ready to be frosted*
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*hi-beautiful swirls in the making*
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*frosted! i placed them in freezer while i make the chocolate coating*
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*chocolate coating ingredients*
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*the chocolate coating*
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*okay, its not the cuppies with hi-beautiful swirl, i've finished coating them when i remembered that i havent take the picture, so i went with with the low-beautiful swirl one :(*
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*dipped the low-beautiful swirl ones in sprinkles*
aaaaaand...my masterpiece!
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

and it tastes as goooooood as it looks..like super YUMMY!!
oh cute god, im goooooood!

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Indy ha detto...

ooooo...baby...sooooo good!!!!!!!!

Anonimo ha detto...

kak, mauuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! chef ayu :D

A little Princess ha detto...

Oh wow! They look so darn nice, and your photography is amazing! xoxo

Who are you Weesha? ha detto...

oh my god ure killin me!!

selly octavia ha detto...

man... i really wanted those on my hands right now...

ayu paramita ha detto...

wow ,ngiler >_<

The Seeker ha detto...

What a great step to step tutorial, dear!!!
OMG they look soooooooooooooooo good and yummy..... could you send at least one???? pleaseeeeeeeeee...... ;)


Adam ha detto...

Haha nice site. I don't think you suck too much at English, you talk about the same as everyone else :) Nice job on the Neo Cupcakes!

Jessica ha detto...

These are GORGEOUS!!

Emma ha detto...

those look amazing

Jack Daniel ha detto...

woooow, these muffins are tooo deliciously looking. I get the munchies by just looking at them.

apparentlyjessy ha detto...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and linking to me, that's so sweet!
I am loving your version of Neapolitan cupcakes, they are very cute, and so clever!
You are very good at photography too! :)

lilylove ha detto...

Wowww, those are amazing little babies! Please, can I have your frosting recipe? :) My frosting sucks though I copied it from Mam Martha Stewart.
And oh, I'll put your blog to my blogroll :)

istifara ha detto...

want some!!
the pict smells good hhee, love it!

Anonimo ha detto...

I read a article under the same title some time ago, but this articles quality is much, much better. How you do this?