lunedì 8 giugno 2009

no smile? come onnnnn..

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i had a one fine day with my granpop yesterday, he bought me a sundae ice cream and we talked about his old days. when he was young, when he was a civil engineering student, when he dated my grammy and when he only had two pieces of pants.
my grammy came from a wealthy family and my granpop didnt, my grammy paid for all their dates.

do you know that my granpop is now 70 years old and he's one of indonesia's first highway specialists?
yes, he's 70 years old, still working and drives his car brutally.

i think he's the sweetest man alive, he beats my dad!

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6 commenti:

Indy ha detto...

Aww - you both are such cuties!

elena-lu ha detto...

love spending time with grandparents! only have one left shes 93!!

A little Princess ha detto...

Cute outfits! Your grandpa looks adorable, and a highways expert! That's cool, I love the engineering world xoxo

The Seeker ha detto...

Never knew my grandpas, but I wish I have, I think they can be our cumpices ;)

Your grandpa seems soooooooooo cool.


daniB ha detto...

lalalove your jacket!
and your grandpa is too cute(:


Paperface ha detto...

Love the last photo. Its genuine.