venerdì 3 luglio 2009

bloo monsters loves you all *smooch*

cupcakes? what kind of cupcakes?
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cupcakes made from these ingredients, the bloo-whatever-monsters loves peanut butter, banana and chocolate and cupcakes too ;p

ooohh aaaahh..
yes, suckers! the owner of this blog is in peanut butter and banana sandwich mood!!

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*fugly batter*
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*seconds from oven and eeeeextremely HOT!!*
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*they look so muffin-y without frosting, eh?*
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*after few messiness of peanut butter and shortening, here and there...and here..and there..*

*close up, for oohs and aahs*
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*i made minis too, oh well, i think mini cupcakes are ultimate cuteness you cant live without..*

enough about those boring but lovely cupcakes, lets get to know the bloo-whatever-monsters more..
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i dont have name for them just yet, i still have mount of dishes waiting for me and a kitchen waiting to be mopped.. and i cant think of any cute name now..

well, do you have any idea for their name? if so, it would be very helpful since i'll make cookies version of them soon..
please help me and give them their cute-bloo-name..
thank you? oh, whatever..

ps: these creatures inspired by uglydolls and glorious fondant creatures from this blog
i know i know, these bloo-whatever-monsters are LAME!! and sucks and UGLY too.. i definitely need to learn more about fondant :(

just like any other blogger, i now have tumblr too! YAY??

6 commenti:

rusiana luthfie ha detto...

aduh beneran deh yu! klo gue pulang liburan, gue pgn bgt les privat bikin kue sm lo! hehehhe:D

Indy ha detto...

Can you come over here and bake for me?!?!? Everything looks sooo delicious and I just want to eat it up!

Don Bellacci ha detto...


Thanks for your link, and your comment :):)

Who are you Weesha? ha detto...

I think bloo monsters is an adorable name hahah- they're too cute to eat!

Vina Sagita ha detto...

they look very yummy! mauu.. :9
btw, sudah ku follow ya tumblrnyaa. :)

Petite Esthète ha detto...

oh i'm so jealous! i can cook pretty well but i can't bake to save my life :(

your cupcakes look amazing :)