sabato 4 luglio 2009

golly backyard

spent this morning with brothers at granpop's backyard, he has a huge, old, lazy and shy turtle wandering around the backyard. often mistaken as some disgusting rock.
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than tonang found a baby frog, itty-bitty-super-tiny-baby frog. and also, too disgusting!!
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i got B- for interior designing exam, yes its B-, just a step before C..but whatever, its still a B!! a fucking B!! and i pass..and i deserve a present from dad? yes hell, i am! :D
dad already agrees to buy me a new filter for my camera, but i'll try to convince him about buying me a macro lens also.. and an external drive too.. and a photo viewer too.. okay, okay, too much.. i know.. :P

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6 commenti:

Soren Lorensen ha detto...

these shots are lovely and the tortoise is totally cute x

Who are you Weesha? ha detto...

I love these pics :) congrats on the B btw, in design a B is good!

dapper kid ha detto...

That tortoise is so cute, and I actually really like the baby frog :) Congratulations on the B! And hope you're having a beautiful weekend dear :)

Hanh, Life-in-Travel ha detto...

these are so cute!!

beautiful shots!!


yiqin; ha detto...

OMG I wish I can take photos this well.

miss a. ha detto...

that is the smallest frog ever!!! so cute! and i love the turtles. :)