domenica 5 luglio 2009


what's your number of sushi plate? what's the appropriate number? because everytime i eat at sushi restaurant i always have more than 3 plates, mom only has 1 or 2 plates, tonang's is pretty much like my number of plates and baby hates sushi.
so? what's yours?

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

im crazy about sushi anyway, i'd like to eat sushi everyday if i could :D


i got tagged! not really actually, i read one of my friend's on facebook and thought that this's such a good tag to do since future is my favorite topic.

write a paragraph about you in 10 years from now:

my name is ayu and i left indonesia 5 years ago, graduated from milan's istituto marangoni 3 years ago and now work as UN's official photographer, i just got back home week ago from documenting the blue berets or UN peacekeepers in iraq for 3 months and scheduled to fly to karachi next month. i engaged to a brazillian footballer, i live in milan and still love baking :)

i pass the tag to..
do this tag please, its really fun to sit in front of your computer screen, close your eyes and take your imagination to the future..
trust me! its fun!

ps: just dont forget to tell me if you're about to do this tag so i could read it :)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us
these are paris at night shots from my old archive, you cant get over or get boring with paris, eh?

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Who are you Weesha? ha detto...

I went out for sushi too last night- I had 4 plates n was STUFFED. That tag is something to think abt :)

lilly ha detto...

oh thx so much! love your blog and love your photography!!!!

Indy ha detto...

Ooo---so interesting!

I love the animals on the last post...so cute!

indigotangerine ha detto...

sushi=best thing ever. I always eat a ton, but i guess it depends on how big the plates are... the conveyer belt places add a new layer of fun

lilylove ha detto...

I have only one plate but then I will order a big bowl of salmon belly soup :)
Btw, I think I'm gonna do the tag. hehe

divinatragedia ha detto...

wouldlove to do the tag =]

Ancarol ha detto...

From other different place that i knew it as this charm from day to night ! but really i never to go . So a lot of paris image only from image to now . I will to there then i hoping it as this such beauty .