domenica 19 luglio 2009


after 7 hours flight from jakarta to dubai.
after 5 hours of crowded dubai airport.



and arrived in the windy summer london, one of my favorite cities.



than five hours more on bus to swansea wales.. yes, im now here in swansea..
got mesmerized by british guys..

8 commenti:

Who are you Weesha? ha detto...

im such a sucker for the dubai airport's duty free- it's like chocolate heaven!!

daniB ha detto...

ohh my! i hope you're having an amazing time!
i love the photo of the bus with Bruno on it hahah(:

and your so lucky....you get to see cute British boyys!


Jack Daniel ha detto...

ooh wow you're in europe! I've been to London twice...i loved it!

Indy ha detto...

Ooo - British guys!

Great pics!

Ardna ha detto...

hi, loving all ur pretty pictures! :)

A little Princess ha detto...

I love Dubai's duty free. Why are you in Wales?!

That's very random xoxo

lilylove ha detto...

Oh no oh no, the makeup corner at Dubai's airport!
You're sooo lucky! Please please tell me you're going to Italy too :)

nindya aydnina ha detto...

kata mbak ivo: si ayu pinter ya? jalan jalan ke luar pas di indonesia lagi di bom