giovedì 23 luglio 2009


bought these yesterday, when i actually planned to buy books at border bookstore, but no, i cant resist clothes.. im a girl..
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*loose top from topshop*
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*denim dress from new look*
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*dress from evans*
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*denim legging from evans*

i think i'll going to wear these when im in paris next week..

i got tagged by a burger girl

6 things that makes me happy:
-shopping, im a girl and i love shopping..what to say?
-cuddling with my mom, oh yes that's one of my favorite things about my life, my mom.
-me time, you know what i mean about me time, rite? that time when you're all alone or by yourself and doing your favorite things.
-got smiled or flirted from a cute guy, simple words, im an EASY girl!
-comments, i loooove comments in my blog, i just love love it and it makes me absolutely happy

9 commenti:

Indy ha detto...

Your new clothes look awesome! What is the photo on the first picture? Is is Woodstock? Anyway, it's cool.

Can't wait to see pics of you in your new clothes!

Who are you Weesha? ha detto...

that topshop top is killer, very very cool!

GRICIA ha detto...

wow..looks like u really2 enjoyed ur trip!!if by putting a comment can makes u happy..then i'll do it..envy wit ur trip!!all of ur new clothes are COOL!

pepito ha detto...

oh, i love your blog. everytime i look your cake, it always makes me hungry :)

daniB ha detto...

great finds! i love all of them especially the loose
top from Topshop :D
totally jealous!


Icha ha detto...

hoaaa. i really adore your blog. seger bgt liat blog yang bukan fashion blog aja hehe. come and see my blog if you want to :)

Petite Esthète ha detto...

oh my god i LOVE that first top! it's completely gorgeous :)


indigotangerine ha detto...

whoah! that stripey dress is killer. And the first top is tres cool.

Vina Sagita ha detto...

omg omg omg, gimme that topshop loose top!!!! that one is super cool!!