mercoledì 29 luglio 2009

i'll be off to london tomorrow

im sorry.. sorry..
sorry for the lack of update and sorry for not replying all comments you've left in my blog.

but why? because im not with my macbook here in swansea and i feel lost and uncomfortable without it :(

so if you wondering about what i've done here?
i stay at home mostly..
but oh, i shop too! loads of shop until mom said "there's line for everything" while pointing at my mount of shopping bags :D
i cant imagine what will happen with me once im in london and paris next week.. fyi, im not loaded with cash and this's not a 'have fun go shop' trip, so this whole shopping thing is not appropriate.. thousand sorries, mom..

and oh yeah, great news!



*noooo, not the real dr. martens, just the copy of it from H&M.. heehee..*
but i'll still get the real ones though, floral ones to be exact.

ps: this blog is in short hiatus until im back home to jakarta :) get ready for flood of european shots and oh, some street styles shots too!

8 commenti:

Indy ha detto...

Cutest boots evah! Have fun on vaca and make sure to post all your amazing pics when you get back!

Caroline Robianto ha detto...

w00t you're getting the floral doc marten too? i just bought one too :P

selly octavia ha detto...

WOOOWW.. cool.. a floral doc mart... lebih murah gak sih d sana? hehe... post the "it" doc mart shoe nya donk....

italian fashion holiday. ha detto...

these are incredible! i, too, hope to purchase the floral docs someday :)

Caroline Robianto ha detto...

hahaa :) i see you have a really nice holiday :D

Ancarol ha detto...

It`s my dream doc marten : )

Aina ha detto...

dont forgo to bring me some hot&nerdy guys pictures


sararocks ha detto...

I wanna go to London with youuuu :[