domenica 16 agosto 2009

i want the world to see we've met


ooowh, hi blog! i've missed you!
hi friends! i've missed you too!
im back to jakarta now, yes the city i thought i hate but nooooo, im loving it so much now :D
yes, jakarta sucks.. yes, its my hometown.
what can i say? i looooove this humid-crowded-noisy-and-stinky-city!!

by the way im still not in my best mood to blogging, i dont know why..
im in a high mood of love..


with the too-childish-guy i've mentioned few times here in this blog, classic i know.. oh, whatever..

they want to say hello..


9 commenti:

jules ha detto...

Those shoes are Amazing!

CARRASIMA ha detto...

welcome home babe,,,
thx to everything you do to me,,,
for understand,,,
for love,,,
i can't say anything,,,
but i think we're closed morethan before,,,
you are my angel,,,

selly octavia ha detto...

wah.. akhirnya d post juga doc mart nya... kereeeennnnnn :))

Indy ha detto...

I want your shoesies! Super cute! Can't wait to see more of your fantastic pics, girly!

evita nuh ha detto...

hi super shoes!! XD

welcome back!!! :)

GRICIA ha detto...

Ayur first pic!!!and ur shoes..awesome!!!more pics from ur vacation please... ^_^

lilylove ha detto...

Welcome back!
Nice photo, there :) and your boots are love!

indigotangerine ha detto...

crazy cool shoes. the flowers and the pointed toe are SO AWESOME.

Putri Erdisa ha detto...

great photoshoots!
and oh my.. doc mart! i've been craving for it for my whole life!