mercoledì 21 gennaio 2009

no image, yeah...no image!

Well, I'm posting from the hospital where my mom got hospitalized from a common-tropic-third world country-disease..from mosquito!! Duhh!! I'm soo leaving this country ASAP!!
While I'm having my exam and haven't got a proper sleep and always forgot to eat since last week..aaaand..I had fever this morning just before my presentation..
Oh gosh!

And now I'm having a seriously headache!!

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The Seeker ha detto...

I'm sorry to know that your mom got hospitalized. Hope everything is better now and she'll be well soon.

Take care

Jack Daniel ha detto...

good luck with everything!!

LoveMore ha detto...

oh dear! sorry to hear about your mum! hope she gets better soon!! xxx LM

yiqin; ha detto...

I hope your mum is better now! *hugs

♥ fashion chalet ha detto...

thank you =]
that commentary from you was the best =]


karl's sweet child ha detto...

Hi guys, thanks for all those kind words..mom is home now and better..so do I!


Anonimo ha detto...

i'm sorry to hear that, kak. moga kakak sama mamanya cepet sembuh yaa :) jangan lupa buat berdoa sama Yang Maha Penyembuh :)

Anonimo ha detto...

you are a sweet girl its break my heart when i read that your are so unhappy with your size i was really fat but whit work out i became slim...u should try with work out to i recomend you tae bo with billy blanks its make fun belive me and the best thing is you can do the work out at home buy the dvds you will not regret sorry my english is bad im from argentina i can german and spanish but to write english is to dificult to me take care! stephanie

Molly ha detto...

oh im so sorry- i hope you all get better soon!

MJ. ha detto...

wow...I hope ur mum gets better and u don't get ill!! U can deal with all of it!!:)

Margarete ha detto...

oh horrible, good luck to your mom and to you too! i tried to reach you over MSN, not easy ;-)